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Ten foot mosaic banana by Dawson students

Dawson students are making a ten foot mosaic banana. Come and see the progress!  More...

The following forming techniques are taught:

painted mud and straw structure by Leonard Knight
  • pinching -hand
  • coiling - hand & extruder
  • slab - hand & roller
  • texture - impressions and direct methods
  • molds - dry clay, pottery plaster slump and hump
  • wheel throwing
  • combination of techniques
  • unfired clay/adobe

Painted clay and straw environment by folk artist Leonard Knight. This massive painted adobe environment is located near the Salton Sea in southern California.

Finishing, Firing:

  • sigillata- making and burnishing practice- pit firing
  • low temperature electric kiln, cone 04 glazes
  • stencils and slip with clear
  • slip and carving - sgraffito
    - n : a ceramic or mural decoration made by scratching off a surface layer to reveal the ground. (Source: dictionary.com)
  • wax resist and slip/glaze
  • underglaze/ glaze
clay deposit south of Joshua Tree National Park

Related activities:

  • Learn about clay composition
  • Look for clay deposits
  • Experiment with found clays and manufactured clays
  • Analyze texture and shrinkage rate, report.
  • Make sigillata, observe process of separating clay particles.
  • Make slip, observe differences in properties.

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